Business Loan: Up to 150 Million Euros In Funding A Business

150 million euros

For women and young people

Despite the crisis, the number of people that every year decides to take a professional leap is growing. Only last year, 163 million women started a business in 74 countries around the world, according to the study “Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Women’s Report 2016/2017”. Europe is also an excellent destination for investing, so much so that the women owners of a company have now reached a considerable 34.4% share. There is no shortage of interesting projects and funding for companies at zero rates supported by the European Union to encourage female entrepreneurship and self-employment. The most important measures include subsidized loans, as is the case for startups that are headed by young people under the age of 35.

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The “New Zero-Rate Business” Call launched by Invibank moves in this direction and is enjoying great success. Thanks to total funding of 70.9 million euros, it supported 333 projects until 1 September 2017, which allowed the creation of 1,625 new jobs. The incentives are intended for small and medium-sized companies in Italy. They consist of loans for zero-interest companies destined for investments, for a maximum amount of 1.5 million euro, to be made within 24 months from the date of signing the contract. Coverage can reach up to 75% of expenses, including those for consulting, staff training, property renovation, land purchase, buildings, work equipment, software and much more.

The offer of loans for companies at zero interest is aimed at women of all ages and young people between 18 and 35 who intend to start a new business. After being admitted to the facilities, they have 45 days to establish it; if they have already done so, no more than 12 months must have elapsed to be able to benefit from them. To obtain financing for companies at zero interest, there are no rankings: the projects are financed according to the order of arrival until resources are exhausted, amounting to € 150 million. To be admitted they must fall into one of the following areas: “production of industrial goods, crafts and for the transformation of agricultural products”, “services to businesses and individuals”, “trade in goods and services”, “tourism and culture”, “social innovation services”. The reimbursement facilitated must be returned within 8 years.

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