Online funding Lombardy Region for lost funds for start-ups and new businesses


If you are looking for a loan to start an innovative start-up in Lombardy, the solution for you is that of non –repayable loans from the Region. Finally, how to present the online application for a loan to start a new business.

Non-repayable loans Lombardy Region: active calls for start-ups

Non-repayable loans Lombardy Region: active calls for start-ups

To revive the Italian economy, which has been in crisis for too long, the state allocates funds reserved for the implementation of innovative projects every year. Part of the funds are sent from the European Union and, in Italy, the individual Regions manage the money destined for the creation of new businesses, through the publication of various tenders, according to the economic sector in which they intend to work. Let’s see what are the projects that you can participate in if you are living in Lombardy, the region always among the most innovative in Italy.

A very interesting first call for tenders concerns the craft sector, which is very important for our economy but where it is very often difficult to start up one’s own business because of the expenses that have to be faced. Thanks to “Lombardia Crafts” it is possible to receive a non-refundable loan for a sum of up to 10,000 euros. This contribution is intended to cover guarantee charges related to any financing operations carried out.

The ” Smart & Start ” project is aimed at all start-ups that have been established for no more than 4 years. These are offered an extremely subsidized loan for a maximum amount of 80% of the so-called “eligible expenses”. The start-ups that can benefit from these loans are in particular those registered in the Business Register as ” innovative Start Up “, so the products or services offered must be of high technological value.

Eligible expenses include, for example, the purchase of investment assets such as plant and machinery required for production, and relate to both hardware and software. With regard to operating costs, costs for employees and collaborators are considered. The main feature of this form of financing is that it is zero interest. The sum that can be requested will reach up to 80% of the expenses described above, for spending programs between 100,000 euros and 1,500,000 euros.

How to present the online application for non-repayable loans in Lombardy

If you are interested in receiving a non-repayable or zero-rate loan for your company operating in Lombardy, then what you need to do is to apply for the call for tenders you are interested in, by the deadline specified on the notice itself. To know the characteristics of the advantageous loans reserved for companies that have their center in Lombardy, what you need to do is to first visit the Region’s website, where you will find a detailed description of the different active tenders, divided by sectors of the economy, and the list is continuously updated with new projects.

Once the project has been identified, among those available, which concerns the sector in which our company operates, it will be important to analyze the necessary requirements to be able to take advantage of the special treatment. If you have the required requisites, at this point you can proceed with the sending of the application, which can be done directly online, always through the website of the Lombardy Region.

In addition to our personal data, which are required for any form of online loan, what we have to send to receive a non-repayable loan will be the business plan of our start-up. It is important to underline the importance of this aspect, since, given the great demand for loans of this type, only the best projects will be chosen and will therefore be able to receive the desired sum in return. For this reason, our advice is to provide a detailed description of their activities, to demonstrate immediately their expertise in the field.



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